International rhythmic gymnastics tournaments

Izmail hosts a number of annual sports tournaments, among which a special place is occupied by International rhythmic gymnastics tournaments “Juno” (March, April), “Rainbow” (May), “Bessarabian Autumn” (September, October).

Izmail Open Boxing Cup named after A. Suvorov

The first All-Union traditional boxing tournament dedicated to the memory of the great military leader  A. Suvorov, took place in Izmail in 1976. At that time it was a significant All-Union tournament, which was attended by athletes from Tbilisi, Moscow, Ashgabat, Kerch, Mykolaiv, Odessa. During the collapse of the USSR, the tournament was not held but in 2002 it was resumed. Izmail Open Boxing Cup named after A. Suvorov started such a famous Ukrainian boxer as Vasyl Lomachenko, who for six years participated in the tournament in the lightest weight category.