• Дунай
    Izmail is the center of the Ukrainian Danube region, a city in the south of Odessa region, 80 km from the Black Sea on the border with the European Union (Romania). The total area of the city is 53.5 km².
  • день города, Измаил
    In terms of population, Izmail ranks second in Odessa region. Its population is more than 71 thousand people, representing more than 30 nationalities.
  • крепость Измаил, диорама
    Izmail has the status of the historical center of the Ukrainian Danube region. It happened that the city was built from the territory of the fortress of Izmail in the eastern direction.
  • Ізмаїл, Дунай
    Recreation resources of the Danube river and the Danube Delta facilitate development of green tourism, health improvement and provide fishing and hunting.
  • Ізмаїл, собор
    Izmail is a green city...
  • Измаильский торговый порт
    Geographical location of Izmail conditions development of the city as a large international transportation junction in the Lower Danube. Three international transport corridors pass through the Izmail transportation junction. Izmail Sea Commercial Port is the most modern and highly mechanized Ukrainian port on the Danube. The railway station "Izmail" is a part of the Odessa railway. The main directions are Izmail - Odessa, Izmail - Artsyz - Chisinau. Izmail Airport is under reconstruction
  • ДК Шевченко
    Izmail is a cultural centre of Bessarabia. The city has museums, the House of Culture, the Art Gallery, the House of Artists, libraries, schools of aesthetic education, Izmail television. Izmail hosts city events, festivals, tours of theaters from Ukraine and foreign countries.
  • Поркровский собор, Ізмаїл
    There are Orthodox and Catholic communities in Izmail.
  • мапа Ізмаіла