Finally, the long-awaited, planned celebration of Tourism Day took place for the students of the FUAID specialty “Tourism” of Izmail State University of Humanities! Unfortunately, this event was not as big as in previous years ….

This year the celebration took place in the fresh air. On October 16, students of the faculty, together with their supervisors, went through a new quest “Izmail in details”.

During the trip around the city, it was planned to test the theoretical level of students’ knowledge in practice. During the period of study at the university, disciplines are taught that are directly related to the history and tourist and recreational economy of our country, as well as the Odessa region and Izmail. For senior students it was a practical improvement and verification of the acquired theoretical material of knowledge, and for freshmen it was an acquaintance with the city and an infusion into the tourist family of the faculty.

The instructors completed this quest in advance to understand how to organize the competition between the groups. The first step was to install a mobile application – izi.TRAVEL on their phones, and only then the participants went to the “Near Me” section, where they easily found and launched the “Izmail in details” quest. The place where the quest starts has appeared on the map in the mobile application …

The walk for tourists began with the Pushkin Square, renovated in 2017, with a fence decorated with Pushkin’s profile. Further and further, new objects appeared on the phone map to which, as guided by a compass, tourists traveled around the city.This is most likely the first group of people who completed the Ishmael quest at the same time in such numbers. In addition to the objects of this quest, during the trip, the teachers introduced the students to the real objects of the historical heritage of Izmail. Particular attention was paid to the famous Izmail residents of the place, because in groups there are students from other cities and towns.

Walking along the route laid out along the quest, the teachers paid attention to significant historical places and objects of our city, such as:

  • The longest street in the city is Suvorov Avenue, which is divided into a large number of squares (during the quest, tourists visited Pushkin, Svyato-Pokrovsky, Greek, Shkolny and Sailor squares)
  • Museum named after A.V. Suvorov, whose building is an architectural monument of the 19th century;
  • Pedestrian street of the city – Pushkin street;
  • City Garden, founded in 1900. It is a park – a monument of landscape gardening art of local importance;
  • Neo-Gothic church in our city – Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary;
  • A touching monument to the inhabitants of Izmail who died during the Afghan war of 1979-1989;
  • The shortest street in the city is Sadovaya Street;
  • Equestrian monument to Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov;
  • Urban architecture, which is quite diverse and reflects all historical epochs of the last two hundred centuries: typical one- and even three-story Bessarabian houses, Romanian architecture (Military Hospital), Stalinist houses (when Izmail was the regional center);
  • Former buildings of the UDP administration and a new building of the 90s – “Glass” with its museum;
  • Izmail Commercial Sea Port;
  • Event tourism in Izmail on the Friendship of Peoples Alley;
  • Swan Lake;
  • Ishmael Marine Station.

These 2 hours of travel passed unnoticed by the participants. The wonderful Bessarabian autumn contributed to the enjoyment of the historical, architectural and natural heritage of our city. Behind interesting stories and explanations of teachers, students did not notice how they answered the last question of the quiz.According to the results of the answers to the quest questions, the winners were determined: the honorable first place was taken by the fourth year graduate students; 1st year students took the second place; the third place went to 2nd year students. All participants received certificates from the Faculty of Management, Administration and Information Activities in accordance with the group test of the quest “Izmail in detail”.

The quest points are not indicated, in order to preserve the intrigue for its passage by the next travelers.

The analysis of the route, possible moments of its improvement or addition of new details will be especially useful for future tourism specialists during classes at the university. Already at the end of the route, students began to remember new details that can be included in new quests around our city. Teachers and students express their sincere gratitude to the developers of the quest “Izmail in detail”. This journey sparked the students’ knowledge of their native land, as the details of this route are amazing ….

It will show the details of the history of our city that you did not notice or did not know that they matter. We advise citizens and travelers to complete this extremely exciting quest!!! In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Evseeva D.V., Lecturer, Department of Business and Tourism Management, ISUH